Understanding the reasons for not getting an entry into Canada

Entering Canada could be a wish for many; however, there is considerable number of cases when an individual can be denied entry to the country. The reason may not be scientific always, like not carrying enough documents, but it could be an unscientific one too. You may not be allowed to enter the country merely because the officer checking your documents is not in a good mood and he is making an issue out of something that is not an issue at all.

Some of the reasons behind denial are mentioned below:

In appropriate documentation:
You may not be carrying the relevant documents you are required to, this could include your passport, your ID proof or it could be any other document like “permission letter” from your employer in your home country. You have to be prepared to submit and show any kind of document that you collected and assembled at the time of applying for visa. If asked for, you will have no right or reason to deny an officer saying that the document has already been submitted with CIC.

Don’t forget that if you could give a copy of the all the required documents for getting a visa, you can also retain a copy for yourself so that you down get stuck at the border.

If you are going as a temporary worker ten you must have letters from your employer and accordingly those going for different purposes should hold a valid document form the concerned agency or organization.

Documents for validating minors, pets and anything or anyone else:

You must carry a document which should mention about your minor child and even your pet.

There is no point assuming things that a pet or a child would not require any clearance and can be taken along swiftly.

Medically ill;
If you are medically ill, then you must carry all the required documents so that you are not stopped at the border. Especially if you are coming to Canada for a treatment, then the previous reports, the reference and other details should be entailed through the documents.

Those who do not have any medical illness, should carry a fitness certificate to assure the officials that the individual is not carrying any disease which could be spread amongst the Canadians.

Criminal past:
If your past reflects any kind of criminal activity, or if the officials find that there has been a criminal conviction against you or you were involved into any act of human rights’ violations then you will be denied from entering.

Financial reasons:
If you are not able to prove that you can sustain yourself or the people accompanying you, financially, then, are prepared that you will not be allowed to enter the country.

Before you start traveling to Canada, you must evaluate your status well, so that you do not have to face denials right at the border of the country.

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