UK work visa application process for MBA students

Well, we will discuss here all the rules and requirements for international MBA students wanting to know about the UK work visa application process in detail.

UK work visas for international MBA students—The process of UK work visa application may seem tough for many international MBA students. But, you don’t need to worry if you want to get work in the UK as an international MBA student.

UK work visa application process for international MBA students is being discussed in detail for the benefit of all UK work visa aspirants.

The latest changes introduced to UK work visa process have eliminated the easier route of getting UK residency in the two-year period. But there is no need for getting disappointed. UK visa options for International MBA students—Let us see different UK visa options available for MBA students.

UK Tier 1(Graduate Entrepreneur Visa)—If you happen to be a graduate without any job offer from an employer in the UK, you can get a UK Tier 1 visa(graduate entrepreneur visa). The only requirement is having a brilliant business idea for doing business in the UK. So, for those with genuine and excellent business ideas or exceptional entrepreneurial skills, the UK is open for business.

The good thing is that endorsements are offered to graduates from some institutes as well.

UK Tier 5 temporary worker visas for MBA students(international MBA students—If you desire to apply for UK Tier 5 temporary worker visa, then you need to move out of the UK for making an application.

The only exception to this rule is that you are pursuing post-graduate training or work experience related to your educational qualification in the UK. In such a scenario, you are allowed to apply from within the UK by switching to UK Tier 5 government authorized exchange program.

However, a requirement is having a prior job offer from any licensed sponsor as well as clearing a points-based assessment.

Please keep in mind that the internship schemes and work experience schemes(UK Tier 5) are only for 12 months period. Meanwhile, other programs are for two years duration(i.e. schemes including fellowships, training and research in science, medicine).

UK Tier 2 visa—UK Tier 2 visas are open for application for recent graduates from any recognized UK university or educational institute. Such graduates include bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.ds, PGDE or PGCE from any UK institute(recognized).

Such UK visas allows three year UK stay(extension available) but you need to fulfill minimum salary threshold(for job depending on the profession chosen for employment).