UK visas for wealthy foreigners

As per the details, there has been a surge of around 25 percent in the number of UK investor visas to rich foreigners in the period of one year ending on 30th June, 2013.

UK investor visas for rich foreigners—UK investor visas are being sold to rich foreign nationals. This is meant for encouraging rich foreigners to make investments in the UK.

So, one can simply say that UK visas are being exchanged for attracting rich foreigners to come and make investments here.

UK investor visas are being auctioned to rich foreigners for attracting investment in the nation.

It may be worth notable in this regard that UK investor visas to foreigners hailing from outside the EU(European Union) has been the latest step for getting more investment into the UK(in UK universities and UK hospitals).

Rich foreigners along with their families are finding it a good way to get entry into the UK. UK investor visas allow foreigners and their families to get UK permanent residency. And that is certainly wonderful news for most of wealthy foreigners seeking to live in the UK.

UK investor visas create new jobs—Creation of new jobs in the UK is the aim for giving UK investor visas to rich foreigners.

Thousands of new jobs are created in the UK through direct investments by the foreigners in UK businesses. And for foreigners having wealth and eager to come to the UK and live here permanently, buying their way to live in the UK permanently seems to be an alluring option.

Eligibility for UK investor visas—Eligibility requirements for UK investor visas are mentioned below—

• One must be ready to invest funds to the tune of $1.66 million(1 million pounds).

• Such investment needs to be invested within a period of three months after their arrival in the UK.

• Foreigners need to make investment of 750,000 pounds of their capital in the UK in government bonds, loan capital or share capital(in both active as well as trading UK registered firms).

• The best thing about UK investor visas is that rich foreign individuals do not require and English language condition for eligibility.

• Moreover, such UK visas enable foreign investors to bring their spouse as well as dependants for working or studying in the UK. What else can one ask for!

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