UK upholds tougher Income-linked immigration ruling for foreign spouses

As per the details, the new minimum income threshold ruling will be 18,600 UK pounds for UK citizens desirous of bringing their foreign spouses here.

UK announces new stringent income threshold for bringing foreign spouses–There are concerns that the latest tougher stance by the UK government will have a significant impact on a large number of Indians wanting to bring in their foreign spouses to live with them in the UK.

The UK Court of Appeal has given a nod to the new higher minimum income threshold of 18,600 UK pounds for bringing foreign spouses to the UK by UK citizens or British Citizens.

Whats the new minimum income threshold for bringing foreign spouses?—Well, if you happen to be a British Citizen and want to bring your foreign spouse to live with you in the UK, then you will be governed by new higher minimum income threshold.

Yes, that’s because the new minimum income threshold has been approved by the UK Court of Appeal in its latest decision.

So, an increasingly large number of UK visa applicants(including British Citizens of Indian Origin) who want to solemnise their marriage in India and then want to bring their Indian spouse to the UK as their dependent will have to fulfill the minimum income threshold requirement.

It may be worth mentioned in this regard that Theresa May, the UK Home Secretary had, in July last year, challenged the ruling saying the requirement of 18,600 pounds was not only unjustified but also onerous.

Step aimed to restricting people with lower income–The earlier minimum income threshold was 13,400 pounds. And it is being believed that the new increased minimum income threshold is aimed at reducing the number of UK citizens with lower income to bring their spouses to live in the UK. The motive of the UK government is quite clear.

It does not intend to unnecessarily put burden on the UK population for financing any low paid British resident. And the question of supporting such a UK citizen’s foreign (dependent) spouse seems quite out of question for the government.

So, the message by the UK government to all the UK citizens or British citizens who want to bring their foreign spouses to live with them is quite clear. Earn more or stay away from their foreign spouses.