UK Spousal visa financial rules

Let us see various financial requirements for UK spousal visa in detail here.

Financial requirements for UK spousal visa—For any UK citizen wishing to offer sponsorship to his or her spouse for getting settled in the UK, the UK government requires a number of financial requirements to be fulfilled.

UK spousal visa rules need certain financial requirements to be fulfilled before issuance of a UK spouse visa.

As per the details, the financial requirements for UK spousal visa need to be met through income, savings or both of them(combination of the two).

Income—By income, we mean to say employment income of the UK citizen spouse. In such a scenario, the spouse(who needs to be a UK citizen/British Citizen) needs to possess an offer of job in the UK(a confirmed UK job offer) with a pay of not less than £18,600 annually.

Also, such UK citizen spouse needs to show that he or she has been earning for the last six months at £18,600 annually level or has earned the same amount in the period of last 12 months before the application date.

Savings—Talking of savings, we need to clarify that savings ought to be in cash for the period of last six months. And cash includes any amount from the sale of any fixed assets including financial investments, land etc.

However, the only point in this regard worth consideration is that either of the partners had held the above stated assets at the beginning of the period(six-month) before the date of application and the cash from the assets’ sale.

So, the savings amount must be than £62,500(equivalent to around Au$110,000).

Follow rules—Any applicant for a UK spousal visa must not commit the mistake of not following financial rules or simply assume that he or she is entitled to use the non-sponsor’s income.

Moreover, he or she should provide sufficient proof(documentary proof) of the income or the savings(minimum financial requirement for UK spousal visa) to the UK immigration department since failing to do so can lead to rejection of the application for UK spousal visa.

The reason behind introduction of the financial requirements for UK spousal visa is that such maintenance rules will ensure families coming to live in the UK will be able to support themselvers without burdening the British taxpayers.