UK to relax foreign student rules

This has been revealed by UK Home Secretary Theresa May.

International PhDs can stay in the UK—New UK immigration rules will be relaxed to enable foreign PhDs to live in the UK after successful completion of their degrees.

This was affirmed by UK Home Secretary May. Giving details about the issue, Mrs. May said foreign PhDs can stay in the UK for a period of one year after completion of their studies here. This move is aimed at allowing an increased number of foreign talented individuals to stay in the UK, she quipped.

The UK immigration has not any annual limit on the number of foreign students wanting to come and study in the UK and there are no immediate plans to do so in the near future.

One year for finding a job, starting a business in the UK—Mrs. May stated that with effect from April 2013 onwards, foreign PhD students from non-European nations who have successfully completed their study in the UK will be given a period of 12 months for staying in the UK. This period will be meant to get a job in the UK or begin a business here.

Such a move will enable the UK to benefit from the skills of the talented foreign students in the UK, she said.

Make UK more attractive to international students—May to universities—The Home Secretary said the onus also lies on the universities as well to make the UK more attractive to foreign students. She said the universities must send a message to the world that the nation is open for genuine university students wanting to come to the UK. Its not the sole responsibility of the UK government, she told.

Foreigners who have the ability to speak English and are able to get themselves a place at any proper university in the UK, then they are welcome to come and study here, May maintained.

However, the UK will be taking other measures to cut UK student visa abuse by foreigners, she maintained. This includes introduction of face-to-face interviews for foreign student applicants wanting to come t to the UK on UK student visas, May stated.