UK immigration not to accept TOEFL, TOEIC

Yes, this is the latest announcement by the UK government.

UK’s no to TOEFL—TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language) will not be accepted by the UK government. This has been revealed by the UK. This means the TOEFL(an English language ability test) does not hold any validity for foreigners wanting to immigrate to the UK.

The TOEFL English language test meant for foreigners as a proof of English language proficiency is no longer considered valid by the UK government.

Apart from TOEFL, TOEIC has also been considered to be no longer a valid English test for UK immigration. Information about this latest development was revealed by the UK Home Office. Clear instructions have been forwarded by the UK Home Office to the ETS(Educational Testing Service) for suspension of its TOEFL and TOEIC tests in the UK.

Decision for curbing fraud—This latest decision by the UK government is in concern with the potential fraud threat. A probe has been already initiated into the matter by the UK Home Office. No wonder, this decision of the UK government has put many foreigners aspiring for a UK visa in a big trouble.

The agreement with the ETS (Educational Testing Service) and the UK Home Office ended on 5th April this year.

So, the ETS is going to be removed from the approved SELT providers list by introduction of changes to UK immigration rules. This has been clarified by the UK Home Office recently.

English language test from five providers--Foreign students wanting to gain a UK visa will have no other option but to take any approved test included in the list of the UK government’s official website.

Such students can take an English language test with any of the five providers of secure English language tests having approval of the UK Home Office.


2. Pearson Test (PTE)

3. City & guilds

4. Cambridge esol


It needs to be worth mentionable that there are now five providers of secure English language tests(while the sixth one ETS has been suspended by the UK Government).

And all aspirants of UK visas are being advised by the UK government to go through the list of approved providers and take an English language test with any alternative provider included in the list(approved by the UK government) before making an application for the UK immigration.