UK immigration cap on Australian migrants likely

It is worth mentioning that immigration levels in the UK have gone up to alarming levels with the new immigration figures showing the number of immigrants to be 196,000 as compared to 33,000 in the year 2009, reports the report by the BBC.

Moreover, it has been found that the immigration levels in the UK are rising further while the number of British migrants choosing to settle overseas is going down considerably. So, this is likely to result in a cap on number of Australian visa holders allowed to work in the UK in the coming times.

In the past few years, several Britons have been opting to immigrate to nations like Canada or Australia. But, the latest figures up to December 2009 show a decline of 13 percent in the number of Britons immigrating overseas.

And the reason for such decline is mainly due to economic slowdown which has left a deep mark on several nations of the world. As a result, many show inhibition in taking any risks to loose their hard earned money by taking decisions to move abroad and they think it wise to rather stay in their home nations.

However, apart from the economic global recession, another reason that has affected the British people to move to Australia is the stricter Australian visa norms introduced by Australian immigration department DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship).

New rules have made it almost impossible for unskilled migrants to get an Australian work visa.

Yet another finding revealed by the latest BBC report is that Australians moving to the UK have to face stricter rules.

The problem faced by the UK government is that despite being compelled to cap UK immigration, it has to allow migrants hailing from EU (European nations) to immigrate to the UK since it can’t stop such migrants as per European convention.

So, it’s left with no option but to impose restrictions on international migrants hailing from different nations like Canada, Australia and the US.

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