UK ends Tier 1 General Visa extensions

As per the announcement, the UK immigration will not accept any applications for its Tier 1(General) visa extensions with effect from 6th April, 2015.

UK Tier 1 General Visa extensions to end in April, 2015—Come April 2015 and the UK government will end extensions to its UK Tier 1 General Visas. This has been revealed by the UK Home Office.

UK Tier 1 General Visa Extensions will not be available from April 2015, announced the UK government recently.

Under this UK visa scheme, highly skilled immigrants from the world over are alowed to come to the UK and work here. And the good thing is that the UK Tier 1(General) visa allows high skilled workers to work not just for any employer in the UK but also to work for themselvers. The validity duration of this UK visa happens to be two years.

UK Tier 1(General) visa scheme—This is an immigration scheme in the UK thrown open in the year 2008. It needs to be noted that this UK visa immigration program happens to be a replacement for HSMP(Highly Skilled Migrant Program).

Under the UK Tier 1(General) visa program, holders of such visas can renew their visas twice each time by extension of their UK visas for three years period. Aim of this UK visa has been to attrack highly skilled foreigners to come and work in the UK.

Apply before April 2015—So, if you are desirous of getting your UK Tier 1(General) visa extended(if its getting expired before 6th April, 2015), then it’s the right time to do it now(or at least before 6th April, 2015).

An important thing to be kept in mind that if the expiry of your current UK Tier 1(General) visa is after 6th April, 2015, you are still allowed to make an application for extension of your visa before 6th April, 2015.

The extension of your UK Tier 1(General) visa will be of two years if it was issued before 6th April, 2010. And the extension of your UK Tier 1(General) visa will be for three years period if it was issued after the date of 6th April, 2010.

Applying from within the UK—If you are a holder of a UK Tier General Visa, you can make an application for UK Tier 1 General extension right from here(that is, from within the UK).