UK to deny housing benefits to jobless migrants

Yes, that’s true. There are proposals under the UK immigration crackdown to deny provision of housing benefits to immigrants.

No housing benefits for unemployed immigrants—The UK government is planning to act tough on welfare.

As per the reports, the government is chalking out a plan for withdrawing any housing benefits to immigrants. As per Theresa May and Iain Duncan Smith, efforts are to stop citizens of other EU nations to get UK welfare benefits. The labor is being accused of handing over millions of pounds to immigrants by providing them housing benefits.

The UK is planning to deny any housing benefits to immigrants as part of the latest UK immigration crackdown.

. By preventing jobless immigrants any housing benefit, the government will help ensure preventing exploitation of the UK welfare system.

New ruling to become effective April--The new move is going to become effective from April this year. It comes close on the heels of a legislation to Parliament where only those who have in Britain for not less than three months will be entitled to jobless benefits.

The two cabinet ministers, while giving details about the issue, said people can no longer expert to simply come to the UK and expect to receive something for doing nothing. So, the aim is to make sure that no unfair advantage is taken of the UK welfare system.

They further added that individuals have already been banned from getting out-of-work benefits until they have been staying in the UK for three months. The latest plan will restrict jobless migrants from getting any housing benefits.

Jobseeker’s allowance for a period of six months is for EU migrants provided they show genuine prospects of searching work.

All these moves are aimed to ensure jobs for Britons keeping in view the fact that the figures of Britons having jobs went down between the years 2005 and 2010 by 413,000 as the number of foreigners having jobs went up by 736,000. No doubt, the recent couple of measures by the coalition have been instrumental in reversing the trend by providing employment to more and more Britons in the last year or so. But, more needs to be done still.

Learn basic skills or lose benefits—jobless immigrants told—Jobless immigrants lacking basic English, Maths and IT skills will be stripped of their benefits unless they pursue training, states Rachel Reeves as part of the Labor plans.

So, taking up literacy and numeracy training along with three years will feature in the latest plans for restricting jobless migrants from relying on UK benefits.

Basic skills test will offer a better opportunity of getting a job in the UK for those who have been long-term unemployed.

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