UK crackdown on immigration benefits

EU migrants living in the UK will not be allowed benefits after a period of three months.

UK PM announces crackdown on immigration benefits—The UK has, in a latest announcement, stated that EU migrants’ benefits will be cut off following three months. This is being done to put Britains first, the UK PM further clarified.

The UK will not be giving any benefits to EU migrants after a three months period.

The Cameron government has warned that tough action will be initiated on immigration. And this, its being believed, will bring down the benefits period of new EU migrants to just around three months.

New UK laws for limiting out-of-work benefits—EU migrants will face new tougher immigration rules as the Coalition says it will have laws to make sure EU arrivals in the UK get jobless benefits for not more than three months duration.

New rules of limiting out-of-job benefits for EU migrants will help in savings of £500m for the taxpayers over the period of next five years.

Britains first for UK jobs--And in yet another move, the UK PM has reiterated his affirmation of putting the Britains first as far as the UK jobs are concerned. This means stopping around 500,000 UK jobs from getting advertised across the European Union.

Recruitment firms will be facing ban from making advertisement of British jobs exclusively abroad. This is being aimed to reduce the attraction of the UK as a good destination for getting jobless benefits easily by EU migrants.

Strict action of colleges inviting fake students to the UK—Any colleges in the UK found to be offering fake foreigners wanting to come to the UK as foreign students for getting jobs here will be dealty with strictly by the UK government. This has been revealed by the UK PM Cameron.

He said the UK will have tough rules to help find out such colleges and stop them from doing so.

Although, its yet not clear as to when exactly such new tougher UK immigration laws will be put into effect, but, one thing is for sure.

That is, the UK ministers stay affirmed about creation of a border-control process of putting Britain first. The government is trying its best to curb the EU migrants from coming to the UK just for living on out-of-job benefits since free movement rules allow EU migrants a freeflow into the UK.

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