UK allures Hollywood celebrities

New UK immigration rule is wooing Hollywood talent to come and live in the UK through UK Tier 1 Exceptional Talent route.

UK Tier 1 Exceptional Talent route--The UK Tier 1 visa rule came into effect yesterday. The legislation will enable fast-tracking of immigration applications of exceptional talent into the UK. In addition, it is also a route for getting UK citizenship.

This UK visa category is part of the efforts of the UK government to allow rich, high-profile and talented people to come and live in the UK.

Who are eligible under the UK Tier 1 Exceptional talent visa category–The exceptional talent visa route also allows fast-track immigration of the best talented individuals in the fields of engineering, science, humanities and arts as well.

Hence, all A-Lister Hollywood celebrities who have won either won a Golden Globe Award, BAFTA, Academy or Emmy Award or have been one of the nominees in the last five years prior to making application for such UK visa category are eligible to come and live in England.

There are a total of 300 seats for all those eligible from the arts stream under this UK immigration route. The arts stream aims at alluring top-rung actors and filmmakers from Hollywood to immigrate to the UK.

Benefits of UK Tier 1 Exceptional talent route—The new UK exceptional talent category means a big sigh of relief for UK producers. UK producers will get to cast Hollywood celebs in their films without any legal hitch. This is due to the fact that all individuals getting UK Tier 1 status are eligible to work in the UK without any need for a sponsor.

This rule will provide all A-lister Hollywood celebs a route to UK permanent residence and UK citizenship. UK might not offer any financial advantages to the Hollywood talent, but it does offer the opportunity of establishing their artistic credentials, states a renowned UK immigration attorney, Amanda Weston.

Getting on the UK stage is considered a big stimulus to the professional success of a few Hollywood actors, she adds.