UK’s Family-First tearing families apart

Its being alleged that restrictive UK visa rules are tearing families apart.

Vague UK family visa rules- a shame—The UK Prime Minister has been claiming that he puts families above everything else. But, despite his reiterations, the UK government has been introducing UK visa rules that are proving too restrictive for the foreigners.

The UK government’s tougher family visa rules have been proving too difficult for those wanting to offer sponsorship to their foreign spouse for coming to the UK and live here.

What are the new UK immigration rules for bringing spouses?—Well, as per the UK immigration norms introduced by the UK government for offering the right to sponsor their foreign spouse to come and live with them in the UK, a UK citizen must have—

• A minimum disposable annual income of £18,600;

• And bringing one dependent child, a UK citizen must have an additional annual income of £3,800(for the first child);

• A UK citizen must have an additional annual income of at least £2,400 for every child thereafter. Any UK citizen not having the above mentioned annual income is not allowed to bring his or her spouse into the UK.

Effect of the harsh UK spousal sponsorship rules--So, the so-called family-first policy could be termed as nothing but strictly a money-wise policy that seems to ask—What’s in your wallet?

And it would not be wrong to say that the UK PM does put families first, but as long as the families have money in their bank accounts.

In such a scenario, a British citizen wanting to bring his or her spouse to the UK to live along has no option but choose between a family and home.

Not being able to have the required amount of annual income for sponsoring their spouse into the UK, they have to reconcile with the option of living apart from their spouse or take a decision to stay with them by leaving the UK.

If the UK has tougher visa rules for non-EU immigrants, then why are EU nationals allowed not just to come and live in the UK but bring their partner too under the EEA(European Economic Area) family permit norms. It may be worth mentioned that the UK allows free movement to EU nationals as part of a treaty.

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