Turkey announces simpler work permit rules

This is meant for attracting an increased number of foreign workers and foreign investors to Turkey.

Turkey simplifies work permit rules—Turkey work permit rules have become simpler now. This has been announced by Turkey government in a latest development. As per the details, the new simpler Turkey work permit rules are aimed to help get more and more foreign workers to work in Turkey and also to lure more foreign investments into the nation.

Turkey has announced new simpler work permit rules for attracting more and more foreigners to come and work here and add to the economy’s wealth.

Revised Turkey work permit, visa rules—Soon, Turkey visa rules and work visa rules will be eased. This is part of the new steps by Turkey government to introduce incentive programs for restructuring employment in the nation. The aim is to make employment incentive schemes in Turkey in accordance with the dynamic needs of the economy.

Easy application process for foreigners—Turkey will have simplified application process for foreigners wanting to come to Turkey. So, the focus will be to make the application process highly sensitive to the investment as well as the education qualification of the concerned applicant for Turkey visa.

Benefit for spouse/children of foreigners--Its going to benefit foreign investors and foreign workers to help face a simplified Turkey work permit application process.

Not only that, even the spouse and the children of the concerned applicant for Turkey work permit will also be benefitted from the new Turkey visa rules.

Yes, as per the plans, same rights of eased Turkey work permit application process will be extended to children and spouse of the applicant.

So, foreigners and their spouse and/or children will get Turkey work permits without any need for waiting.

Prior to these new Turkey work permit rules, applicant’s spouse and children had to wait for as long as five years for enjoying same rights in Turkey.

Meanwhile, Turkey government also plans to have simpler Turkey Citizenship rules in the coming times. And another plan aims to consider Turkey permanent work permit as equivalent to Turkey residence permit for any foreign investor.

Between 2009 and 2013, around 100,000 foreigners applied for Turkey work permit. And out of these, 64,279 applicants were granted Turkey work permits by the government.

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