Transition of Student Visa to Permanent Residency in Canada

Immigrants coming to Canada might change their minds and plan to stay back as a permanent citizen of the nation. After completing their studies they dream to settle down here. There are various ways to covert Student Visa into Permanent Visa.

Pre application-
The Visa Authorities will look into a lot of factors like the schooling of the candidate, the nature so degree he is attaining at Canada.

-If a student is pursuing graduation in Canada then the first one has to do is to get a “Post Graduate Work Permit”.

-This permit can be used for a maximum period of three years. Only those students who have studies for at least 8 months to earn a degree or diploma can get such a permit.

-The application for the same should be submitted within 90 days of graduation.

-This permit helps one to apply for a job in Canadian Labor market.

-This permit enables one to acquire a full time “skilled” job bringing in more and more opportunities for the student.

Various Immigration Programs in Canada
Quebec Specific Programs-Students graduating from a Quebec post- graduation institution are eligible for this program. Students not graduating from here may apply for Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program.

Canadian Experience Class-It is well liked by graduates as it offers a lot many immigration streams to the international students. Graduates with one year of full time, skilled work experience in Canada are eligible to apply. Alternatively, they should have one year’s full time graduate study plus another year of pre graduate study. The studies should lead to some degree.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) – The area where the students wish to stay they can apply in the same Province or Territory. The PNP may vary from program to program. Recently British Columbia has created the Post Graduate Pilot project. This allows the graduates to apply for streamlined immigration without any job offer or work experience at Canada. Alberta has created programs for skilled and semi-skilled positions.

An individual living in one territory cannot apply in the other territory.

Special Considerations for Doctorates-A PhD Scholar who has completed two years of research can apply for work permit or he can apply within 12 months of completing his graduation.

In a case where Permanent residency seems to be unachievable for the time being then one can apply for temporary permit. This provides time to apply for the permanent one. The application should be filled up carefully as even the minutest error will lead to its rejection.