Tougher UK student visa rules restricting Indian students

As per the recent reports, there has been a significant fall in the number of Indians enrolling at UK universities.

And this is due to highly tightened UK student visa rules.

Tougher UK student visa rules—UK student visa rules are restricting foreign students, including Indians, wanting to study in the UK. This has been revealed by the recent report by HEFCE(Higher Education Funding Council for England).

The report named ‘Global Demand for English Higher Education’ states quite clearly that the number of foreigners getting admissions in the UK has gone down in the recent times. These include overseas students from Pakistan and India wanting to pursue undergraduate or post-graduate study courses in the UK.

UK has witnessed a significant fall in the number of foreigners getting enrolled in the universities.

Details of the UK student enrollments fall—As per the available figures, the number of Indians getting enrolled in the UK universities fell down to 10,235 in the year 2012-13 from the figures of 13,250 in the year 2011-12. Details show foreign student enrollment in post-graduate study courses in the UK was most affected.

Around 51 percent decline was noticed in the number of Indian student enrollment since the year 2010-11 while Pakistan students wanting to study in the UK went down to 49 percent during the same period.

The report clarifies that international recruitment growth has been affected since the year 2010 and this happens to be the most significant slowdown in the period of last three decades. This is despite the fact that English higher education is popular globally.

Impact on UK universities funding—The need for attracting more and more foreign students to come and study in the UK becomes quite vital keeping in view the fact that slowdown in the foreign student enrollments in the UK has impacted universities funding. This has been affirmed by general secretary of the UCU(University and College Union), Sally Grunt.

It also needs to be noted that the UK’s loss is becoming the gain of Australia and the US. A large number of aspirants of studying abroad are choosing the US or Australia for pursuing graduate or post-graduate study courses.

So, its high time the UK government takes a serious view of the issue and introduce simpler UK student visa rules for making the UK a favored destination for studying among foreign students.