Tougher UK student visa rules force closure of UK private colleges

Closure of 169 UK private colleges— Things are worsening as the number of foreign students coming to the UK witnessed a sharp decline in the period of last one year or so. The number of private colleges facing insolvencies is said to have gone up by a whopping 44 percent in 2011.

As per the official data released by an accountancy firm named Wilkins Kennedy, the year 2011 saw closure of around 169 educational institutes as compared to shut down of 117 private colleges in the year 2010. And out of these private college closures, majority were related to institutes and colleges offering language classes and specialist business classes.

The firm reiterates the fact that all such closures were the result of tougher UK student visa norms. The Coalition government has been calling for introduction of tough UK immigration rules to help reduce the number of immigrants being allowed to come here.

The government is pledged to bring down UK immigration levels to ‘tens of thousands’.

UK Home Office crackdown on bogus private UK colleges—A large number of fake and bogus colleges and institutions in the UK are getting closed as a result of the reinforcement of ‘highly trusted sponsor’ criteria. All recently closed private colleges in the UK were offering study courses to international students in management, languages and IT, the accountancy firm stated.

In addition, the recent ruling of limiting the number of working hours allowed to foreign students in the UK during their study courses as well as cutting short the duration of stay of dependants in the UK has left many private institutions baffled.

No wonder, tougher UK student visa rules are jeopardizing the fate of a large number of private institutes and colleges in the UK.

It may be worth mentioned that such colleges had become solely dependent on the international students for getting funds especially in the last couple of years.

So, the declining number of foreign student enrollments has spelled trouble for such institutes apart from rendering a big blow to the reputation of the UK as a favored destination for studying overseas.