Guaranteed Income Supplement will be tougher for the immigrants now. New set of rules have been framed by the conservatives so that qualifying for GIS wouldn’t be easy for the immigrants.

What is GIS?
GIS stands for guaranteed income supplement. It comes under Old Age Security Act and it provides supplementary benefits like monthly non- taxable benefits to those seniors who have low income and resides in Canada. To be precise it gives extra money monthly to low income seniors.

When did it start?
GIS is a permanent part of Old Age Security Program .GIS was established in 1967 under Canada’s public pension policies.

Who can qualify for GIS?
As of 2013 the rules to qualify for the GIS was you have to be citizen of Canada. He or should be recipient of OAS.Marital status and income are also put into consideration. Income should be lower than maximum allowed income. For immigrants rules are different. Immigrants who are sponsored are not eligible for the GIS till the sponsorship period is expired or the immigrant had stayed in Canada for a period of ten years.

How much income a senior can expect under GIS?
Income from GIS is depended on the marital status and income of the applicant. GIS benefits are renewed annually as the income keeps on fluctuating. If your spouse is getting allowance under OAS then the benefits will be lower.

What documents you require for applying GIS?
Basically two important documents are required for applying GIS and they are your marriage certificate and your yearly income statement. For more details and assistance can be taken from website and toll free numbers.

What changes in rule have been introduced by the conservative government for the immigrants?
The conservative are trying to make the GIS rules tougher for the immigrants. They are planning to extent the time frame of residing in Canada from ten years to twenty years. Immigrants who arrives under the Paints and grandparents program this new measures are only applied in them where the sponsor who is residing in Canada agrees to bear all the financial responsibilities for their relatives. To be precise no sponsored immigrant will be able to avail these benefits under GIS and he or she is not qualified for GIS.

What is the reason behind such change in GIS for immigrants?
The government want to be fairer in distribution the GIS benefits .According to the government source the individual who is not contributing to the pension system should not get the benefit of good amount of money being under sponsorship. This is would be unfair to those who contribute to the pension system and give a part of their hard earn money. This new rule will provide some relief to the tax payers in Canada.

The government of Canada is keen to uplift the low income seniors among the Canadians and for this GIS and other public policy is important and it did brought certain significant changes in the life of low income seniors. By introducing new rules government intention is to be fairer to their tax payers and give them some relief from tax burden.