Tips for Federal Skilled Worker Program applicants

Let us discuss various rules and requirements needed to appy for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Important tips for Federal Skilled Worker Program applicants—The Federal Skilled Worker Program is reopen for applicants wanting to come and work in Canada as skilled foreign workers with effect from 1st May, 2014. And the best part is that you can apply for any of the 50 eligible occupations for which you possess required education and experience.

Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program applicants can get various information needed with regard to various rules and eligibility requirements.

Addition of 35 new occupations—Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program has added 35 new occupations to its list of eligible occupations.

So, the total revised new occupation list now has 50 occupations. So, eligible occupations like nursing, finance, management, health services and many more now feature in Federal Skilled Worker Program’s new occupation list now has a variety of occupations.

No change in selection rules—The good thing about Federal Skilled Worker Program 2014 is that there are no new rules for selection of federal skilled foreign workers wanting to come to Canada and work here as skilled foreigners.

Even now, a minimum of 67 points are needed for getting selected for Canada permanent residency for various factors like age, education, skills, work experience, language and adaptability in Canada.

Facility to reapply for previous applicants—If you had earlier applied for Canada federal skilled worker program, you can still apply now. Yes, previous applicants(whose applications were returned due to filling of caps) are also eligible for making application.

Acceptance of multiple applications—Well, if you have work experience in more than a single eligible occupation, then you can make application for multiple occupations. The only thing is making a separate application fee for every application.

Acceptance of part-time work experience—If you have part-time work experience, you can still be eligible provided the part-time work experience is continuous, paid, and is within last ten years from the application date.

No change in language rules—Language rules are unchanged for applicants. Faster processing times—FSWP(Federal Skilled Worker Program) applicants can look forward to faster processing times. So, your application can get processed within one year from the date of application.