Is there a possibility to curb illegal immigration in USA even now?

A report suggests that there are about 11 million illegal immigrants staying in USA. This number had reduced only during recession. But since 2009 the number has been rising and such people are those who entered USA either without any valid document or have over stayed their visa.

Number of immigrant population

A study suggests that there is a growth in the number of illegal immigrants from 11.3 million to 11.7 million, merely within a period of 2009 to 2012.

A study conducted by Pew shows that the number of such immigrants differs from one state to another.

However, the number of these illegal immigrants did not see a fall in Texas even during recession. California and New York experienced a reduction in the numbers and it has not rebound after that.

There were rallies in as many as 150 cities across 40 states of the country and the aim was to put pressure on Government to take adequate measures to control the issue.

The reasons for rising illegal immigration
There is barely any cooperation between Republicans and Democrats and they fail to agree on any conclusion regarding this matter. Election results in Colorado show that this is an important issue. The tiff amongst the parties seems to be a major barrier on controlling the issue.

Many experts opine that the borders of USA err too prosperous and leaves a great opportunity for the illegal entities to make a way through.

Some also believe that “no action strategy” from the Government is quite frustrating and is majorly responsible for the growth in their numbers.
The truth
There are immigrants who have now been living in the country legally, and have channels through which they can ensure entry of their relatives to USA. For this all they need to do is to pay a huge sum of money.
The action from the government
Many strongly believe that the Government needs to take serious and urgent actions to handle the illegal entry. And this can start only if there is a huge uproar coming from people.

The situation is quite worse in places like California where the population of whites is not as dominating as it would be before. The governor of the state signed a law so that new bills to protect the immigrants can be introduced.

Government has also taken measures to promote the entry of immigrants, and legal rights are granted to them. Recently legislatures have been passed like they can get driver’s license quiet conveniently and the college tuition fee is also eased upon.

Looking at the scenario it is quite a tough situation for the natives as their resources are being shared by the illegal immigrants. And the government is expected to take some action at least to put a control on this issue. After all the natives deserve better and they deserve better. There is a strong opposition from all walks of life to ensure that borders are sealed and stricter immigration laws are implemented.