Thailand announces new rules for holidayers

Yes, its true. Thailand immigration has announced a crackdown on beach expats living in Thailand.

Thailand closing doors to foreign expats?—An increased number of foreign expats could be affected by new tougher norms announced by Thailand immigration department.

As per the details, Thailand will be closing doors to foreigners staying in Thailand. Thailand—great attraction for foreign expats–For long, Thailand has been attracting foreign expats wanting to enjoy the best weather and natural beauty of a nation called Thailand.

And no wonder, due to low costs of living, simpler visa rules and a tropical climate, Thailand has been the hot destination for a large number of foreign beach expats loving to stay in palm-lined resorts of Thailand beaches. After all, the only thing they needed to enjoying the above mentioned comforts in Thailand was completion of immigration formalities.

Another fact worth mentionable is that Thailand does not strict visa norms, so, it’s an attraction for those not ready to fulfil immigration rules. Overstayed in Thailand?—If any foreigner has overstayed in Thailand for a period exceeding 90 days, then he or she is going to face a ban from visiting Thailand for one years and ten years.

Thailand has more than one million foreigners living here. And the government of Thailand has clearly warned all the foreigners not abiding by visa rules. Any foreigner found to be working in Thailand unlawfully will be dealt with strictly, states the Thai Embassy. Foreigners overstaying for a period of more than 90 days will not be allowed to come to Thailand for a period ranging between one year and ten years.

Thailand Immigration officials, with effect from 12th August, 2014, will deny entry to foreigners at Thai airpots if they are found to be staying in Thailand on short-term visas. So, if any foreigner cannot declare that he or she is a tourist, then he or she will not be allowed in Thailand, says a Thailand immigration official. Foreigners from around 48 nations(like Australia, the US, the UK) have been entering Thailand for up to a period of 30 days by getting a visa-exemption stamp.

And they have been entering Thailand for 60 days(getting extension for another period of 30 days) with a visa from any Thailand Embassy abroad. But, now, this will not be allowed.