Temporary Foreign Worker Program exploited by Immigration Consultants

Large number of cases has been reported wherein the immigrants are lured in the name of getting entry into Canada through prominent Immigration programs like Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Case study
An individual from China paid as high as $2,000 USD to an Immigration Consultant based at Vancouver for coming to Canada. Immigration Consultants depend upon TFWP for ensuring a smooth entry of immigrants to the country.

This individual was assured of money back guarantee so he found no reasons to doubt the functioning of this consultant firm. This gentleman took English training for being sure that he clears the language test.

When he could not get through TFWP then he tried contacting the local office so that he could get his money back, but, he was betrayed. He did not get any concrete response from the head office too.

There are yet other cases when people from other parts of the world are reported of paying the recruiter a huge amount of money for getting an entry level placement in food industry or any other similar industry.

Wide network of Illegal Consultants

There are illegal consultants who are present not only on the Canadian land but even beyond the borders. There is no correct estimate to confirm the exact number of such entities.

One such entity confirmed that the firms take money only by making false promises.
The difficulty for applicants
There are applicants who pour in their savings for life merely to send one of their dear ones to Canada, in the want of a better life.
When their applications are rejected under TFWP, then they move to the Consultants. But, they can only think of getting their money back if they can hire a lawyer based at Canada. Being at a remote location, rather on a foreign land, it is almost impossible for them to do so.

Legal Action taken
In a recent development, five immigration Consultants have been arrested because they were found to be creating false documents for pushing the applications of foreign workers form that they had taken huge sum of money. They were caught trying to make “employment offers” so that these applications could get processed faster than the rest.

To make it look genuine, the Consultants also had stolen the PIN and then create employment offers for their clients.

As of now, these five people are reported of helping more than 50 people to get an entry into the country by using fraudulent means.

Immigration Consultants try to misuse the requirements and eligibility criteria for Temporary Foreign Worker Program by creating false documents. In the name of getting an entry into Canada through this program, they exploit the applicants willing to work as temporary foreign workers. These applicants can never catch them for recovering their money and hence get into a deeper soup. However, law bodies are there to tighten noose on such consultants yet, they eyewash and misuse TFWP largely.