Teachers in high demand in Canada

All those associated with the teaching profession including educators, assistants, professors, lecturers and teachers are needed in Canada now.

Great demand for teachers, professors, educators in Canada—Canada is experiencing a big demand for lecturers, professors, educators, assistants and teachers. So, if you are seeking to come to Canada and work as a teacher, then it’s the right time to do it.

Canada is in great need of teachers, educators, assistants, professors and lecturers. Apply now for coming to Canada as a teaching professional.

As per the latest information released by CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) dated 23rd April, 2014, the immigration program named FSW(Federal Skilled Worker) is a welcoming platform for assistants, lecturers, teachers and professors willing to immigrate to Canada in the near future.

50 different occupations under FSW—From 1st May, 2014, Canada’s FSW program will have 50 different occupations to choose from for the purpose of applying under FSW program. And this is great news for all those wanting to immigrate to Canada.

It is only for the first time that Canada FSW has included occupations related to teaching in the eligible occupation list.

Feeling interested in knowing about the eligible occupations included in the 2014 list?

Well these are mentioned below—

Early childhood educators, assistants(NOC 4214)

University professors and lecturers(NOC 4011)

Are you eligible to make an application?—Are you a teacher, professor or a lecturer wanting to know whether you have the eligibility to apply under FSW program? If yes, then you need to check the NOC(National Occupation Classification) occupational description to ensure whether they have performed—

• A substantial number of main duties(including all essential occupation duties)

• Actions describled in the lead statement for the occupation. Duties of university lecturers and professors—

• Delivering(including preparation) of lecturers

• Teaching of one or more subjects to students at graduate/undergraduate level

• Conducting discussion group or laboratory sessions

• Giving advise to students on decisions related to career, academic matters

• Conducting research in specialisation and publishing findings in scholarly journals/books.

FSW immigration program—FSW immigration scheme enables skilled foreign workers to make an application for becoming Canada permanent residents. There is no need of having any Canada job offer or any close relative in Canada for applying under FSW program.