Taiwan faces shortage of workforce

Talent drain in Taiwan–Large scale talent drain, including departures of high-profile people to neighboring Asian nations, has complicated things for Taiwan recently.

No wonder, Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou asked the National Security Council in the year 2010 for setting up of a task force for analyzing the issue of talent drain of the nation.

Taiwan losing professionals to other nations--Preliminary findings reveal large scale exodus of high-profile academics to Hong Kong and health care and medical professionals to Singapore.

Moreover, several IT professionals have left Taiwan for South Korea to stay there permanently, the report findings show. Official sources reveal immigration of around 700,000 Taiwan citizens to Shanghai for working there.

Better payouts, plethora of opportunities alluring Taiwanese to move abroad—It seems that the higher payouts are attracting the brightest and the best Taiwanese to explore opportunities of work abroad. This is, at least, one of the many factors alluring more and more Taiwan nationals to other nations, feels an MBA lecturer at National Taiwan University, Professor Huang Chung-hsing.

Working as a guest faculty at Peking University, Huang admits the fact that China provides a much better opportunity for showcasing the talent and skills along with vast networks.

Many young Taiwan citizens have left the nation for working in nations like China and doing jobs at MNCs (multinational companies).

An assistant professor from Taiwan, who now works at a renowned university in Shanghai says he gets almost three times the payout here as compared to Taiwan.

And the fact that China offers far better research opportunities due to better funding also seems to be attracting people from various corners of the world, admits the assistant professor who preferred to reveal only his nickname Jason.

Retaining talent within Taiwan-a key issue—One of the main issues before Taiwan is to prevent the brain-drain in the country, states Professor Chen Tain-jy of National Taiwan University. It is, undoubtedly, a serious issue to keep the talented and experience professionals from moving to other nations, he asserted.