Study permits and Visas to get limited

A report says that the number of international students has gone by almost 35% in the last 5 years. The number includes students coming here for short term courses ranging for a week to long term courses like post graduate and doctoral degrees.

Student friendly visa rules, availability of jobs and multiculturalism together attracts international crowd. There are reported cases when these students coming through “study visa” adopt unfair means and get enrolled for some job or the other leaving behind the course they come here for.

The nation is making an effort out to curb the number of “in-genuine international students.” Looking at the fraud visa cases and rate of crime there are changes to be brought.

The provinces have been asked to submit a list of posts secondary institutions which are registered. Only these will have the right to enroll international students.

Ottawa plans to provide student visas only to the students who would be enrolling in government approved schools. Work permit will also be given to such students only.

A number of cases have been reported where the students enter the nation through “student visa” but never attend any class, instead they start becoming a part of labor market so that they can earn money.

Nancy Caron spokesperson of Citizenship and Immigration says, “The proposed regulatory changes would ensure that study permit holders are genuine students.”

The spokesperson also informs that the Institutions which are designated by a province or a territory will not be able to enroll international students any more.

The Department further informs that off campus work permit or internship would be given to students registered with these accredited institutions only.

Caron is worried about the ruined image of Canada in the international market which is mainly due to such non-accredited institutions. They have malfunctioning system which maligns country’s reputation in front of international educationists.

In a similar case, when Australia had allowed foreign students to study, work and then apply for permanent residency status; the number of immigrants had risen considerably leading to quite a lot of malpractices. The problem was solved when the country started implementing tighter rules.

Here in Canada, the rules have been framed looking at the worsening scenario. Hopefully, the frauds within and outside the country will not get a scope to misuse the facilities any further.