Student visa requirements for studying at Australia

Department of immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), Australia is determined to see the international students following the rules and regulations.

Applying for visa
An international student enrolling for any course that is meant for less than three months does not require a student visa. In this case, a visitor visa or working holiday visa would be enough to serve the purpose.

Those who enroll for a course longer than three months would need to apply for a student visa.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship would issue visa only for taking up a registered course.

Initiation of process

A student needs to enroll into a course first, from he or she would receive an offer letter. Based on this one can complete the Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment process.

A student generally receives guidance on this matter from an Australian university. A set of documents are to be attached for completing the entire set of process.

English proficiency
Apart from meeting other requirements, a student needs to submit a report on English proficiency which is known as IELTS or TOEFL. The success of getting a visa would largely depend upon this score, especially for non-English speaking students. Test scores from Pearson Test of English academic and Cambridge Advanced English are also accepted.

The regulations to be met:
• It is important to provide a contact detail which would include a local telephone number and the address where the student would be studying in Australia.
• The above mentioned address should be provided within 7 days of reaching Australia.
• To sustain the visa a student must keep performing well.
• Most of the universities keep tracking the performance and progress of students to understand if they are at a satisfactory level or not.
• Department of Education and Department of immigration ask for academic progress for international students enrolled with Australian universities.
• Those coming on student visa would be allowed to work for a certain period of time within the country.
• A student must his complete the course within time frame. In case the whole of the course is not completed, one should be able to complete 80% of it.
• One should be able to bear the expenses of the course taken up in Australia.
• One should leave the country within a month of completing the course.
• A student who is less than 18 years of age should submit details about a local guardian in Australia.

• Switching over to any other institution is allowed only if an internationals student has completed six months of the course.
Student Visa is an absolute need for international students willing to study in Australia. However, the rules and regulations keep changing from time to time. Amid all this the most important is to have good score of English. One needs to look into the rules and regulations before making an application. A complete information should be available with the students so that they can successfully get the visa for entering Australia as students.