Student Learning through College Employment

Students arrive at work with primary focus on tasks and responsibilities in front of them. It is important to note that such student employees are developing as they progress through their academic years. They gain greater understanding of their responsibilities and about their own identity. As they experience training and personality development they are able to understand better about their preferences in life choices and the way they make sense of the world.

Identity Development

Human development happens through individuals’ resolution of compelling situations. When the student starts working to support herself/himself they are committing to an identity and breaking from childhood and creating an identity. Other vectors could be developing competence, managing emotions, moving towards interdependence and mature interpersonal relationships. This goes a long way in creating a progressive collegiate environment that augments institutional objectives.


Ability of students with lesser capability can have effects that can have reversals. Students who are not capable of coping up with time management between work and study can land up with feelings of marginality and strong feelings of insecurity which can also lead to depression. While some students can manage their time and also socialize after attending to academic responsibilities those who get marginalized due slower uptake meet with a sense of not mattering. They tend to get less attention as a result, diminished importance and a depreciated state of appreciation from fellow students and peers.

Now, how does the college get an insight to the knowledge of student’s reasoning process? This knowledge will eventually assist student affairs professionals in understanding students’ affairs professionals in understanding their decision making and other interactions. By knowing the ways in which students interpret their experiences the practitioners and guides can make better informed decisions in formulating the levels of cognitive development for the students.

Analytics of development

Work is a unique activity and requires conformity through rules and procedures. The working student has to cope with a variety of changes as s/he goes through the transitions. It will do a student good to realize that the mind at first will signal a denial of the change that is happening because of the imposition of rules and procedures. This external change has to be regrouped in the mind and not allow immobilization of the mind to accept change as it comes along. The most acceptable stage is reached when the student employee accepts the new meaning in life into her/his behavior as a process of internalization. This is an ideal way towards complete self advancement. It is also true that many fail to recognize the demands being placed on the students to play the complex roles while going through the role of development.