Steps to sponsor a spouse from outside Canada

You can get all the information related to offering sponsorship to a spouse from outside Canada(So, let us together know the steps—

Here, we are talking about the steps for sponsoring a spouse who is living outside Canada while the sponsor lives in Canada).

Sponsorship to a spouse from outside Canada—This requires the sponsor to submit the application for sponsoring his or her spouse to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), Ontario processing centre. In addition, another step is submission of Canada immigration application of the sponsored spouse (which means the applicant).

Once, the sponsorship part of the application gets processed (and approved), it will be then forwarded to Canada visa consulate in the applicant’s nation of citizenship (or the nation where the applicant is living for a minimum of one year legally).

However, a point worth notable here is that it is up to the applicant to choose the place where they want the application to be processed in case they happen to be living outside their native nation when applying.

Processing time—Usually, the application processing time in such cases ranges anywhere between three months to nearly 17 months with regard to processing of immigration part of the application. Meanwhile, the international processing time (on an average) is between four and eight months.

However, a pre-requisite here is that it is the responsibility of both the sponsor as well as the applicant(spouse being sponsored) to submit sufficient/required proof of their marriage to the CIC.

Only then can the concerned assessing visa official can know that their relationship is valid and genuine.

Can the applicant travel while the application is under process—The applicant may travel and stay either in Canada or in his or her home nation(in case of the in-Canada process, both the sponsor as well as the applicant need to live in Canada together for qualifying).

What happens if the application gets refused—The spouse offering sponsorship gets the right to make an appeal for the refusal of immigration application to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.