South Australia unveils New Occupations List

As per the details, the list was announced on 8th April, 2014.

New State Nominated Occupations List announced—The government of South Australia has released a new SNOL(State Nominated Occupations List). The new list includes 18 new occupations stated to be in big demand in South Australia.

South Australia government has announced a new occupations list by including a number of new occupations that happen to be in high demand in the state.

New jobs included in South Australia occupations list—Here is great news for foreigners wanting to come and work in South Australia. The South Australia government has added several new jobs to its newly announced occupation list.

The list was published recently by the immigration department of South Australia. All the new jobs added to the list of South Australia occupation include those in big demand.

These include jobs of cooks, librarians, pharmacy technicians, librarians and hair dressers. And foreigners will be needed for filling up vacant places in South Australia. Occupations newly added to the list are sheep shearer, ICT trainer, equipment hire manager, pharmacy tehcnician, customer service manager, librarian, hairdresser, cook, first aid trainer, medical administrator.

New jobs awaiting foreigners in South Australia--Foreigners can look forward to a huge number of job opportunities in South Australia. This has been revealed by South Australian immigration department. It further added that although rate of joblessness in Australia is going up, South Australia has a comparitively low jobless rate.

Want to apply? See immigration rules—So, for those foreigners feeling interested in applying for South Australian jobs can do so by knowing latest South Australia immigration rules.

As per the recent changes to South Australia immigration rules, foreigners wanting to work as plumbers, chefs and cooks will have to provide proof of a first aid course completed before makign an application for Australia permanent residency.

And the work experience of five years in Australia is needed for making an application for Australia permanent residency by foreign hairdressers.

In addition, all aspirants must fulfill the minimum requirements of English language for getting eligible for South Australia State Nomination List.

Additional points are going to be awarded to a candidate’s application if its approved for state nomination.

These additional points will be for DIBP(Department of Immigration and Border Protection) points test. 10 points will be awarded for those making an application for a provisional visa and five points will be for those making an application for a permanent visa.

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