Skills shortage pushes Alberta to look for overseas workforce

And it is chalking out ways to fill nearly thousands of vacant job positions following an economic boom.

Talent shortage in Alberta—Hunt on for workers—Businesses in Alberta are on a lookout for potential employees help combat skills shortage in this Canadian province.

However, the view is that Alberta businesses are finding it tough to get the workers with requisite skills and/or education qualifications for the jobs in Alberta. This was affirmed by a report released by BMO(Bank of Montreal) named BMO Hiring Outlook Report.

Among the sectors facing shortage of workforce in Alberta include IT, oil and gas industry, general business and finance, natural and applied sciences and health care.

As per the report, nearly 63 percent businesses encountered difficulties in recruiting employees while retention of employees was the factor cited by nearly 51 percent Alberta businesses.

Professionals, non-professionals in high demand in Calgary—Calgary is in serious need of both professional as well as non-professional workers. These workers are required to fill a large number of jobs, nearly in thousands, in Calgary.

Among professional and nonprofessionals in short supply in Calgary include engineers, surveyors, IT professionals and those with science backgrounds, architects, geologists, doctors, nurses, business managers, hotel and hospitality management, physiotherapists, truck drivers, various construction trades and laborers.

As per the estimates, around 120,000 new jobs are predicted to be created in the coming decade in Alberta.

Hefty salaries in Calgary—And the best thing about Calgary is that workers can look forward to getting the best salaries since this province has Canada’s highest average wages at £45,000 annually.

And personal tax rates are stated to be lowest in this Canadian province, states CEO and President of Calgary Economic Development, Bruce Graham. No wonder, this is a big factor to lure a large number of workers on a lookout for jobs in Calgary.

This Canadian province also offers best healthcare and educational facilities along with leisure lifestyle to the people.

And the fact that Calgary is rated to be the top fifth place to live in by the Economic Intelligence Unit recently makes it a favored choice for those wanting to work here.