Significant features in Conservatives Controversial Immigration Bill

Republican Jeff Denham pushed his proposal of allowing young people staying in the country illegally to become a part of military.
There has been a revolt against this decision as they feel this kind of a measure could be a threat to the defense of the country.

The uproar

Buck McKeon who is a Californian Republican said that the proposal would not be included in the defence legislation. He refused to make any comments about this issue any further.

Denham who holds an experience of working with US Air Force with the immigrants is not found to be happy with this aggression coming from various corners.

He believes that those who have not served the country would certainly not understand the impact of the decision.

Conservatives have expressed their distrust on this issue because they don’t see a road map for implementing any such new bill and measuring its large impact.

The decision would mean
The proposed legislation would allow the illegal immigrants who entered the country at the age of 15 or even less, without having a legal status. Such illegal immigrants would be able to get a place in the military and hence would enjoy a legal status in the country as well.

Ruling out the possibility
Conservative Republicans do not want to have any such legislation on the floor of the House at least in the current year.
They would rather wait until next year when the party is likely to control the Senate.

However, the second term of Obama’s administration is determined to place reforms in the area of immigration policy. And they want to do it as early as this year itself. However, the Conservatives are not willing to introduce anything new this year.

Republican Joe Barton says that this issue is not ready to move legislatively.

Republicans believe that there is a need to establish a dialogue with the Hispanics.

The past experience
A bipartisan Bill was passed last summer to tighten the border security so that illegal immigrants could not enter the country. This was done to provide security to more than 10 million immigrants and take them to the path of becoming US citizens.

This bill is expected to have a positive impact on the economy of the country. Such a bill would not favor the illegal immigrants present in the country, rather those who were brought as children would be made to integrate with the nation.

A senior congressional GOP aide says that they are scared to death of the game placed by Boehner.

Ever the second term of Obama has started; there is always an effort to ensure that the illegal immigrants get their dues because when they came here they were children. They did not come on their own, rather brought by their parents. The Bill proposing the entry of these illegal immigrants into the defence has given a chance to the Conservatives to stand against it. Government has its own logic and Conservatives have their own reason to react.