The significance of Temporary foreign worker program

The non-availability of workers at local level increase the demand and need of allowing immigrants to come here and become an integral part of the country.

The country has been struggling to fill up the vacancies across various industries and various sections of job due to scant availability of domestic workers.

Addressing the labor shortage
President and CEO of Canadian federation of Independent Business, Dan Kelly informed that foreigners help to make the small businesses survive and help combat labor shortage. She also added that Temporary foreign worker should not be picked up with negative light.

There are regions with acute shortage of labor and hence TFWP seems to be offering a great deal of support buy hiring foreign workers.

Investment into TFWP

Economic Action Plan of 2014 proposes to make an investment of $11 million in TFWP. This would be invested over the period of two years.

The money would be spent to identify the potential folk of foreign temporary workers and to ensure that their applications are processed at faster rate than otherwise.

The Government is committed to amok the most of the program by using across the country to meet labor shortages and strengthen the economy better than before.

Proposed changes in TFWP
• Existing wage facility would be lifted and employers will be directed to pay the foreign workers at prevailing rate.
• Work permit and LMO would be revoked if someone is found to misusing the program.
• TFWP should not use to fill up vacancies to foreigners without trying to find local workers or giving them an opportunity.
• Employers should have a sound recruitment plan.

The need of TFWP
Employers face a major issue with hiring local workers because they don’t seem to be regular and sincere with their work, if not all of them but one in five cases are reported to be like this.

The achievements
The program has been ensuring that foreign workers would be hired only when there is a non-availability of domestic workers.
Any vacancy is offered to Canadians first, and only then foreign labors are looked for.

Canadian Government is open to suggestions about this program for making any changes that render benefit to Canadians as well foreign workers. Consultations are organized with businesses, organizations and trade unions for collecting inputs.

The process
The process initiates with looking for a job from an employer in Canada.

The eligibility criteria are available on Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, so one need to evaluate the eligibility.
The next step would be to apply for a visa and then a work permit.
After completing these steps CIC would give you W1 visa and a Letter of Authorizations.

There are major regions in the country with less availability of labors, and these vacancies do not get completely filled up by local population. A program like TFWP is a support for the employers ND also for the economy of the nation, as it ensures a smooth running up of a business.