Shortage of skilled workers in UK

And this has called for immediate overhaul of skills training for workers.

Skills shortage restricting hiring plans of firms--Such a shortage of required number of skilled workers in the UK is proving to be a dampener for expansion plans of several firms in the UK, survey by the BCC(British Chambers of Commerce) asserts.

Companies wanting to expand are frustrated by lack of required skilled workers along with tough norms, the survey involving around 1,200 BCC members further warned. Nearly 50 percent of firms participating in the survey admitted to hire additional workers in the next couple of years but felt restricted by several difficulties.

UK businesses dependent on skilled immigrant workers–According to director-general of BCC, John Longworth, employers are lacking required confidence in the education system’s ability to deliver requisite workers for the jobs in the UK.

This forces many employers to look overseas for filling skill shortages in the UK, admitted nearly 60 percent of businesses in the research.

That’s because businesses find required skills in immigrant workers. Such skills might not necessarily be technical. Rather, these are simple basic skills including punctuality, basic written English and elementary math, the BCC research added.

Nearly 50 percent of businesses in the UK have immigrant workers hailing from non-EU nations, the survey informs. This is really a cause of serious concern keeping in view the soaring rates of unemployment in the UK.

As per recent official figures revealed by the ONS (Office for National Statistics), joblessness has touched a 17-year-high by reaching 2.62 million. And to add to the woes, the number of UK-born workers having employment has gone down by nearly 311,000 in the past one year while the figures for foreign-born workers in the UK with jobs has gone up by 181,000 during the same period.

Reforms needed in UK immigration to attract immigrants with requisite skills—Hence, UK businesses are urging the government to introduce necessary reforms in the UK immigration system that enables them to hire workers possessing requisite skills needed in the UK, Longworth added.

The UK Department of Business has, meanwhile, informed that it is doing efforts to introduce practical skills in the education system of the nation.