Several changes to Australia student visa rules

This has been revealed by Australia immigration department in a latest announcement. Let us see all these changes in detail here.

New Australia student visa rules—ETS recognised as English test provider—You will be glad to know that from now onwards, TOEFL test(Test of English as a Foreign Language) created by ETS(Educational Testing Service) is now acceptable as a test of English language for the purposes of skilled migration Australia visas.

Australia has given approval to ETS for its TOEFL test for Australia skilled migrant visas.

And this is certainly wonderful news for many aspirants of Australia skilled migrant visas.

TOEFL test valid for Australia visas—For getting qualified to apply for Australia visas, you can now provide test results of TOEFL test. Yes, this is latest news.

And TOEFL test will be valid for Australia holiday visas, Australia skilled visas, Australia graduate visas, Australia business visas and Australia work visas. One can also make use of TOEFL test results for the purposes of SkillSelect system for Australia immigration.

Step for increasing Australia’s global competitiveness—The latest step of approving TOEFL test by ETS is aimed at increasing the global competitiveness of Australia among the different nations. So, a large number of aspirants wanting to immigrate will feel lured to immigrate to Australia following the approval to TOEFL test by ETS.

Its going to increase the popularity of Australia among foreigners wanting to come to Australia for working in Australia, studying in Australia, holidaying in Australia or for any other purpose of immigration to Australia. So, its something great for many Australia immigration aspirants indeed.

Use of TOEFL test for progressing to Australia graduate, post-study visas—The best thing is that TOEFL test results can now be used by those wanting to progress to Australia graduate and post-study Australia visas. This will provide Australian employers with a much greater available number of foreigners wanting to live and work in Australia.

It may be worth mentioned in this regard that apart from Australia, many other nations worldwide give due recognition to TOEFL test(by ETS) for immigration purposes. And this becomes evident from the fact that around 27 million people have already taken this English language test the world over.

So, by approving TOEFL test by ETS, Australia will be joining such nations and will become open for business once again.