Saudi Arabia Announces Online renewal of Saudi Arabia Visitor Visas

Yes, Saudi Arabia has introduced online renewal facility for Saudi Arabia visitor visas.

So, from now onwards, expats in Saudi Arabia will just need to go online for renewing their Saudi Arabia visit visas.

New online renewal for Saudi Arabia visit visas—As per the latest announcement by Saudi Arabian passport department, a new online renewal faciilty will be introduced for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. Details show that expats wanting to renew Saudi Arabia visit visas of their relatives can do so now through an online renewal visa process.

The new online visa process is going to become effective from 11th August, 2014.

Saudi Arabia has announced a new facility of online renewal for Saudi Arabia visit visas. Expats can get their relatives’ visit visas renewed online from 11th August this year.

New program for renewal of passports too–As per director of public relations, Col Mohammed Al Saad, Abshir program is going to be launched for enabling Saudis to get their passports renewed. That’s something wonderful.

The two services have been readied following successful testing, informed Col Al-Saad. One just needs to get registered with Abshir by making a visit to the office of the department or by making use of interactive machines at any bank, international airports or any malls.

The registration process of expats with electronic system of the Interior Ministry has led to a very simplified residency process including issuing of re-entry and exit visas.

Indians to benefit from new Electronic Visa processes—Saudi Arabia’s new electronic system is going to help an increased number of Indians living in Saudi Arabia.

As per the information, Saudi Arabia is home to nearly 2.5 million Indians. And these new facilities will be of great benefit to such Indians.

It needs to be worth mentioned that Indians happen to be the biggest expatriate community in Saudi Arabia, affirmed Indian Embassy in Riyadh. The move is aimed at increasing awareness regarding electronic servics and reducing unwanted chaos and congestion at the nation’s passport offices.

The process will eliminate the need of keep waiting in long queues at passport offices. So, all expats and Saudis must take benefit of the new electronic visa services for saving their energy as well as their time.