Saskatchewan has a beautiful Immigrant Nominee Program

Immigrant applicant who satisfies the criteria forwarded by Saskatchewan province and are selected by the Government for working in here can immigrate to Canada under immigrant Nominee Program.

The benefits of being selected under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

• An immigrant is selected according to the requirement of labour market
• The processing time for an application under this category gets reduced
• The information are extended by the officials
• One knows his future in Canada much before he emigrates there.

The province has the facility of bringing in immigrants under various categories like:

Immigrants coming as Skilled Workers

If an immigrant is selected for a part time or a full time program and has a special skill which is recognized well in Caned then he can apply under this category.
Entrepreneurs and Investors
Canada always prefers immigrants coming under this category. Saskatchewan also has a special preference for immigrants who have money to start business in the province. However, they need to have an experience of running a large scale business in their home countries for a minimum period of time. The province prefers such immigrants because, they come with new opportunities for the natives hence unemployment rates are lowered.

Family relations

Immigrants already staying in Saskatchewan may have family members who are quite skilled and may contribute largely to the Canadian Economy. The Province laws favor such immigrants.

Skilled Professionals

Immigrants with an Engineering or Medical degree or any such degree are always welcome in the province. They have made major contributions in major inventions and researches, so their application processing is made easier.

Agricultural people

Immigrants with a background of agriculture are quite in great demand in Saskatchewan, reason being very simple that the natives do not want to work in the fields. Immigrants take up the same job for a lower pay so the employers prefer such immigrants who can work in the fields.

Student Category

Students are most welcome in this Province. Some may apply for post graduate studies and some apply for doctorate or post doctorate degrees.

Out of all the Provinces, Saskatchewan is known for its valuable support to the immigrant coming here under different categories. The matter of mention is that these immigrants have been playing a major role in the development of this province.

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