Rules to obtain citizenship become tougher

The Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander send a strong message for all those who want to obtain Canadian Citizenship that the walk is not going to be as smooth as it used to be. The rules have been made tougher to make the fraudsters move away from getting the citizenship and misusing the same.

The reforms on obtaining citizenship have been introduced in Bill C-24 and have been regarded as Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act.

Making the rules tough
The proposal is to increase the cost of citizenship by as much as three times.

There is a plan to make the penalties even tough and also the consultant’s job would not be left as easy as it would be all this while.

Immigration Minister said, “We are confident that these changes reflect the expectations of Canadians, A system that shows the privilege of obtaining Canadian Citizenship, at the same time protecting it from abuse.”

He added that, “Citizenship is not a right but a privilege.”
Alexander also said that he wants newcomers to integrate and become one with the culture of Canada.

The conditions for obtaining citizenship
An applicant must stay in the country for four out of six years and should be physically present for 183 days every year. Until an applicant meets up these conditions, one would not be encouraged to make an application.

In the above mentioned period, an applicant must file income tax returns.

An effort would be made to free up the citizenship judge by making the public servants required to do the math. There can be an exceptional case where a judge would be asked to intervene to evaluate the residency criteria.

Temporary foreign workers and international students would not be allowed to count the time of stay before they obtained permanent residency status.

A special advantage would be given to the children of war brides by considering them to be “lost Canadians”.

Citizens would be made to take an oath for staying back in Canada, and of course they would be given adequate mobility but no one would be allowed to misuse the benefit.

The appreciation
There are galore of people who believe that the changes would do well too many who have been struggling to hear the fate in the court room for years now.

Those serving in the military of Canada would also be getting an advantage because there is a special provision of fast track citizenship.

The flaws
The bill does not take care of issues like if there is any provision of people getting citizenship by birth or not, and the issue like pregnant tourists coming to the country has also not been addressed.

The aim of strengthening Citizenship Act is to ensure that no one takes undue advantage of becoming the citizen of a precious country like this. Scams and frauds have been reported in the past and therefore strict measures are adopted to control the abuse, the foreigners should respect the culture of the nation.

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