Rising unemployment: An alarm for the country

January 2014 has proven to be one of the worst phases of unemployment rates in the country.

In a report released by Statistics Canada, every job vacancy was eyed by more than 6 unemployed Canadians, and this makes a bad history in the unemployment market.

The tale of unemployment in various provinces
Provinces like Ontario showed an unemployment rate of touching 17% between the people in the age range of 15 to 24. Toronto being the worst performer in terms of employment and hence the unemployment has touched the figure of 18% here. Most of the youths in Toronto are found to be jobless and thereby the provinces performance in terms of offering jobs to people is quite bad.

Ottawa offers a good competition in the same field and holds an unemployment rate of more than 13.5% in 2012.

The national average of unemployment rate is reported to be a little more than 14%.

The job vacancies

The average job vacancies were more than 224,000 in 2012, which dropped down to 194,000 in 2014. This calculation has been made for three months rounding in January.

Every job vacancy relates to more than 14 underemployed people.

Reason behind rising unemployment
• When the data for 2013 and 2014 is being compared then it is analyzed that less of vacancies have been shown by the oil producing areas like Saskatchewan and Alberta and many other provinces.
• Many experts believe that the shift of paradigm from manufacturing to resource attraction could be a strong reason for the less availability of jobs.

The sectors with a better shape
The provinces with oil as must have are still in a better shape wherein there are 3 unemployed people for every vacancy that comes out.

Health Care sector and Social assistance area is certainly showing a bett5er performance. These two areas have lost unemployment rate and event he person to job vanity is not as alarming as in other cases.
Accommodation, Food and Service sectors and Retail Trade Sector has more to offer to the unemployed section of the society.

Efforts by the Government
To handle the issue of youth jobless crisis, Liberal Government has pushed a program with a cost of more than $290 million.

However, the p4ogram seems not to be meeting the purpose.

Sean Geobey, doctoral candidate from university of Waterloo, writes that even after 5 years of recession passing by, the youth continue to suffer with joblessness.

Premier Kathleen Wynne strongly believes that youth should be employed faster, and hence a high priority program has been initiated.

Geobey also informs that short term solutions should not replace the permanent vacancies and job opportunities for the unemployed people of the country.