Review of 417 working holiday visa rules

This is going to be done following alleged misuse of 417 Australia working holiday visa program.

Australia 417 working holiday visa review—Australia government has announced an overhaul of its 417 visa program soon. As per the inofmraiton available, a national review has been called for the program.

Australia 417 visa program is going to be reviewed soon as the allegations of the misuse of the program by some unscrupulous operators for luring free foreign workers.

417 temporary Australia visa—We need to provide details about this Australia visa program. Australia 417 temporary visa program is meant for allowing young foreigners wishing to work while holidaying in Australia. This Australia visa program is meant to allow a maximum stay of up to two years.

The eligibility criteria is an undertaking by the concerned applicant for Australia 417 working holiday visa to do 88 days of specified employment in a regional area(designated) and in some industries in the period of the very first year of the two years duration.

Warning to businesses having foreign workers on 417 working holiday visas—Businesses having foreign workers on their payrolls who are on 417 working holiday visas are being given a clear warning as part of the latest crackdown.

The details show that Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James will be instrumental in cracking down on the alleged 417 visa misusers.

Misuse of the program included underpaid wages, non-payment of wages, misuse of workers in exchange for accomodation programs, workers making payments to their employers as well as third parties in lieu of documents supporting second application for Australia visa.

The review of certain industries in Australia believed to be misusing the requirement of 88 days is going to be undertaken, the Fair Work Ombudsman announced. It will probe the alleged misuse of foreign workers on Australia working holiday visas.

Alleged underpayment of foreign workers has been witnessed and nearly 10 cases of misuse involving underpaid wages were to Australia 417 visa holders. In addition, several other employers, with restaurants being involved in maximum misuse of Australia 417 visa program.

The records show around 128,000 Australia 417 working holiday visas issued by Australia during the initial half of 2013-14. Help is being sought by around one out of every three holders of Australia 417 working holiday visas in the period of last five years, reveals the Ombudsman.

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