Responsibilities before Marriage

No religious scripture would lay down what qualifies as responsibilities of a to-be husband or wife. Marriage is an agreement or a permanent bond that is intended to last until death and not to be broken unless under very exceptional and irreconcilable reasons.

If we value scriptures then we would also like to emphasize that The Almighty knows that one needs a companion and hence has made one for you. In other words, one agrees to accept the responsibility of the other person from the day one decides to get married with another person. The only aspect debarred before marriage has been solemnized is the physical union between the two which has been prevented.

When a man gets married he takes on the prime responsibility of looking after his wife as a person and not as a woman. He is free to make choices and he has chosen to take this responsibility. What should prevent him from looking after the requirements of this person to whom he vows to stay for the rest of life? The man can decide to look after any other person at any time in his life just as a benevolent act or out of compassion towards another fellow human being. Should the man now be thinking in terms of agreement when it becomes a marriage consideration?

What harm would come by if a man takes on even a partial responsibility of the person with whom he is about to take a life’s vow? What if he is to pay for life saving medicines for his would-be spouse if she meets with an accident before marriage and when the parents are not able to provide for the money?

Yes, cultural considerations may not allow but religious considerations do not prevent. Relationship boundaries can be defined before and after marriage but humanitarian responsibilities cannot be bypassed except without a pre-conditioned mind that has closed itself to reason. It is important to note that there is no compulsion and obligation but entirely circumstantial. No parent would also like another person to take responsibility of their daughter before marriage unless they are so compelled by circumstances.
Demands of today’s marriage require different understanding and sharing of life’s responsibilities will only strengthen bonds that will cement future joys. So go ahead and take the responsibility of lasting happiness.

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