Resentment against new visa rules for UK English language schools

This decision will not only curb a large number of aspiring overseas students from learning English in such schools but will also mean a big loss to the nation’s economy.

Although, the aim of such move is to put an end to increasing number of bogus colleges in UK and to increase the level of study in the UK, but, it is being feared that the decision is likely to affect even the genuine schools involved in imparting education in English language.

Meanwhile, it will not affect those who want to come to UK for a period exceeding six months and with the aim of getting their knowledge of English language from basic level to scratch to enable them pursue higher studies or business in their respective native countries.

Following reports of abuse of UK’s points based system by a large number of immigrants trying illegally to gain entry in to the UK, the Prime Minister of UK had asked for conducting a review of the US student visas. In the last year, there has been a significant rise in the umber of immigrants coming to UK on student visas. And the majority of such illegal immigrants belonged to India, Pakistan, China and Bangladesh.

Every year, the flourishing business of English language schools in UK brings in nearly £1.5bn to the economy of the country with over 600,000 people visiting UK for gaining English language skills.

It is being feared by the language schools’ industry body – English UK- that the new rules will reduce the number of eligible students by nearly one third. Hence, it is likely that all such students will opt for going to countries like US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for joining English language schools.

Also, it is being felt by the heads of various English language schools in UK that this decision by the government is in contradiction to the dream of UK’s Prime Minister for connecting UK to the global education market.

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