Requirements to apply for Fiancée Visa

The Department of Homeland Security US Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS) receives visa request from thousands of applicants every year. The requests belong to various categories like students, parents of immigrants who are already there in US for years and many other categories. A considerable percentage of visas are granted to the spouses or would be spouses of American Citizens.

Key features of application

• The Fiance or Fiancee visa is referred as K-1 Visa. This category covers all the people who have the intention of marrying a US citizen and becoming residents of the country. Along with this there is another category of visa which is meant for the children of fiance or fiancees of an American Citizen with whom the applicant is likely to get married.

• Though it takes about 5-6 months’ time for the visa approval yet it largely depends upon the fiance home country which needs to initiate the process.

• You must have met your fiance in the last two years.

• Your annual income should be $18,500 or more or you may also have a cosponsor.

• Never use tourist visa or any other type of visa for your fiance to come to US.

• Your fiance children can also come to US through K-2 visa category.

• After your Fiance has arrived the nation and if you don’t get married within 90 days then your fiance has to leave the country.

• After getting the visa you must get married in US itself, marriage in any other country will not be taken into account.

• While the process of K-! Visa is on you can be visited by your fiance on a tourist visa or a visa waiver but he or she has to return back to the home country when the case reaches the US embassy.

• You have the facility of applying for Fiance Visa even if you’re physically not present in US or you’re not employed.

• The cost of applying for this visa would be several hundred dollars.

• There should be proof to show that any prior marriage is terminated and you don’t have any surviving relationship with anyone else at the moment.

• There should be enough documented proof to show that both of you met and spent time together. Airline Tickets, hotel bills and such documents are needed for proving this.

• The fiance has to submit birth certificate, valid passport, police clearance and updated photos.

With a little preparation will help you get K-1 Visa with ease.

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