Removing cap on Canada immigration key for the nation

Speaking before a gathering in Ottawa, Baillie said that Nova Scotia is among several regions and provinces in Canada struggling with the problem of insufficient immigrants.

And not many people from foreign lands are choosing Nova Scotia for living and doing a business. Baillie says that he is not asking for any monetary help from the Federal government.

Rather, what he is seeking from the Canadian government is to lift the annual capping on Canada immigration.

Higher immigration levels are needed in Nova Scotia in order to enable the province with the problem of an aging population, Baillie added.

There will be two working Nova Scotians for each retiree by the year 2025 which is not economically sustainable, he asserted.

Hence, this Canadian province is urging Canadian government to lift the annual immigration cap for skilled immigrants coming to work in Nova Scotia under the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program).

While Nova Scotia is struggling with inadequate number of immigrants, Manitoba, on the other hand, has been smart enough to attract nearly 5,000 skilled immigrant workers under the PNP.

Meanwhile, it has been reiterated by the Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney that the nation will find it quite difficult to increase the limit of immigration for Nova Scotia.

As per the official spokesperson of immigration minister, Alykhan Velshi, it’s currently not possible to sacrifice other immigration categories. As a result, Nova Scotia might not realize its dream of inviting more immigrants under the PNP.

The issue of lack of adequate number of skilled immigrant workers in Canada is likely to pose a major obstacle in the way of economic prosperity of the nation in the coming years has been hinted several times by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

And considering the low rate of population growth in Canada, it becomes evident that we do need large number of immigrants in the coming 20 years or so if we want to keep our nation growing at the same rate.