Remove citizenship rights to babies born: Recommend Officials

Even though a small number of cases have been reported about babies born in Canada becoming citizens of the country by virtue of being born here, Officials strongly recommend the removal of such citizenship.

In a recent development Immigration Officials has completely objected the right of a baby born on Canadian soil to become a citizen even if his or her parents are non-citizens and or non-residents.

Consideration on the law
In a report prepared in the past, it was revealed that the policy on “awarding citizenship” to all born here, was under review.
This provision being present only in countries like Canada and USA, has attracted attention of Immigration officials who come across such cases quite often if not too frequently.

Reported Incidence
Officials had reported only 500 cases in 2013 when the born on the soil of Canada became citizens by virtue of the law present in the country.

Their parents ere neither a citizen nor even a permanent resident of the country.

In the report prepared in the recent past, it has been mentioned that those who are not permanent residents or citizens of the country should not be allowed to give birth to babies merely to access the facilities available here.

The proposal
Critics believe that the policy on this issue lacks objectivity and it mainly based upon ideologies. They also suggest looking into the “cost factor” of any such even happening in the country.

Former Director of Citizenship and Multiculturalism at CIC says that the small number of such cases may not recommend any change but anecdotes suggest a need of change in the policy.

The report which was actually prepared by Kenney supports the view that citizenship should only be awarded to those who have a strong connection with Canada, and not to ones who have no connections with the country.

A spokesperson of Chris Alexander says that a stronger coordination is required with provinces and territories to control the issue.

Aim of changing the policy
Citizenship should not be easily available to those who come here as tourists and give birth to children so that they can become citizens without making any effort.

There is a deficit on economic front and hence cost analysis of any such even happening on the land of Canada should be analyzed and thought through quite meticulously.

The integrity of citizenship program should not be ruined or maligned due to the existence of policies like “Birth tourism”.

Canadian Citizenship is a matter of pride for immigrants who may have to fight a long battle for getting one. Birth Tourism gives a room too many immigrant visitors who come here more to see their new born getting a Canadian citizenship than to see the country itself. Changes are proposed in the policy so that no one can misuse the right and the it does not lead to an additional financial burden to the country.