Relaxed UK visa rules needed for highly skilled workers

This has been warned by an increased number of recruiters and UK ministers.

Simpler UK visa rules for attracting foreign skilled workers—If the UK wants to plug its growing skills shortage, it must work towards simplifying its work visa rules.

The current scenario is that majority of recruiters are finding it hard to find workers with required skills to work in the UK. This includes workers having technical and managerial skills required by employers for existing job vacancies in the UK.

Only simpler UK work visa rules can help the nation plug its growing skills shortage.

As per the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) chief executive, Kevin Green, the skills shortage is going to become worse in the coming times as the UK economy grows stronger. So, the nation is not getting permanent workers in several fields including care sector, construction, engineering and medical sector.

UK work visa rules for creating UK jobs—If the nation wants to have more UK jobs for building a growing economy, it should focus on introducing easier UK work visa rules for high skilled foreign workers. This was affirmed by Mr. Green.

It’s the need of the hour of the UK businesses to get workers with required skill-sets for the UK jobs. So, by having easier UK immigration rules for foreign skilled workers, the UK will enable businesses to get access to an increased number of people with required skills.

And this will help in getting employees for existing UK job positions, he clarified. Otherwise, delays or denials in getting required workers will prove to be a big threat for the UK economy.

Widen shortage occupation list —For allowing fast-track UK work visas to more highly-skilled foreign workers, the shortage-occupation list needs to be widened for having increased categories especially in engineering and technology.

This becomes all the more relevant keeping in view the fact that several UK immigration categories have either been toughened or eliminated in the recent times.

The UK government recently scrapped UK Post-Study work visas under which foreign students coming to the UK for studying here could stay here for working following completion of their study course.

Moreover, the UK Tier 1 visa route is already limited to entrepreneurs and investors. So, the need of the hour is to widen shortage occupation list for allowing more foreign workers to come at the earliest to the UK.