Regional Labor Market Demand Stream introduced by Nova Scotia

Regional Labor Market Demand Steam, a new program has been introduced by Nova Scotia which is a kind of skilled worker immigration program. This program has been administered under Nova Scotia Nominee program (NSNP).

A program with a difference

This program was announced in the first week of March. The program enables the officials to make selection of immigrants according to their skills and experience which are in great demand in labour market of the province.

Unlike many other programs this program would not need any “job offer” from a Canadian employer.

Occupations in demand
The occupations in demand are Information technology, medical and engineering occupations, health services and food service. Altogether the list consists of 43 occupations.

The eligibility criteria to be met by the applicants
• Intermediate level of proficiency should be demonstrated in the official language of Canada which could be either English or French. The benchmark for reading, writing, speaking and listening skills would be 5, which is quite common across various programs in Canada.
• Applicant should be in the age range of 21 and 55.
• An applicant should hold high school diploma or else a post-secondary degree or even a certificate would serve the purpose. There should be a training of a minimum of one year of post-secondary level.
• Should hold a work experience of at least two years of a full time job within a given period of five years in an occupation which is eligible.
• Should intend to work in an occupation which is eligible in the province.
• Should have enough funds for traveling to Nova Scotia and settling down here.
• Should be a legal resident of the present stay of country.
• Apart from living in Nova Scotia one should also demonstrate that he wants to settle down in the province economically, for this one may have to complete a plan on Employment Settlement.
• An applicant may be required to appear for an interview.
Before getting into any preparation an applicant well advised to visit the province and explore the job opportunities and then proceed ahead with the apparition form.

The culture of Nova Scotia
People out here are known to be of great help and can mingle with outsiders quite easily.

The overview of Settlement Plan
The Settlement Plan an applicant need to submit should include intended occupation, the reasons behind choosing this province and the exact place where they wish to settle down along with the reasons. Attorney David Cohen said that this program holds a difference with the others because it does not ask for a job offer and therefore it is likely to generate large amount of interest amongst the immigrant applicants.

A good number of immigration program sin Nova Scotia and Canada ask for a “job offer” before one could even think of applying. With this program the biggest advantage is that an applicant can choose pick the province and the place where he intends to live and need not hold a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

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