Reforms to Canada Live-In Caregiver Program?

Well, its being believed that Canada may introduce new rules for Live-in Caregiver Program soon. Although, the information is not official yet.

Canada to change its live-in caregiver program?—Whether Canada intends to introduce any changes to its live-in caregiver program or not in the coming times is not known yet. In fact, many foreigners working as nannies or live-in caregivers in Canada are quite worried of any imminent changes to the live-in caregiver program.

Canada may introduce changes to its live-in caregiver program in the times to come.

The fear of any imminent changes to Canada live-in caregiver program in the coming times is all the more relevant keeping in view the recent changes introduced by Canada to its Temporary Foreign Workers Program in the month of June this year.

Changes aimed to cut misuse—Its being maintained that Canada may, quite likely, introduce some changes to its live-in caregiver program to help control the growing misuse of the program.

Jason Kenney, Canada Employment minister, has clearly given a warning that cheap foreigners wanting to work as nannies in Canada are allowed to work as caregivers in Canada.

However, the program is being misused for getting Canada permanent residency. Its being alleged that Canada immigration is being used by foreign caregivers who are coming to Canada end up working for their relatives here.

And their sole aim seems to gain Canada permanent residency. Majority of caregivers, especially from the Philippines, have been found to have come to Canada for the purpose of family reunification.

Canada live in caregiver program—Canada Live-in caregiver program allows foreign nannies or foreign caregivers to work in Canada. Between the years 2008 and 2013, Canada has provided permanent residency to around 60,000 foreigners through its live-in caregiver program.

Under this immigration program, foreign live-in caregivers need to work for 24 months full-time employment or an equivalent number of hours over the period of 22 months.

They need to offer care for children aged below 18 years or elderly people aged 65 years or above or disabled people. After fulfilling all the above stated conditions, foreign live-in caregivers can make an application for Canada permanent residency.

Foreign live-in caregivers as well as their dependents are allowed to forward an application for becoming Canada permanent residents