Friday February 15 2013

Recognition of foreign credentials for jobs in Canada

Canada, 14th February: Are you planning to move to Canada for working there and wish to know about the recognition of foreign credentials there?

We will discuss all the information here in detail.

Getting foreign credentials recognized in Canada—For any foreigner wanting to get employment in Canada, getting his or her foreign credentials recognized in Canada is quite important. In this regard, it depends on whether the occupation selected by the immigrant is regulated/non-regulated.

Moreover, the Canadian territory or Canadian province chosen by the immigrant is also significant for the procedure of foreign credential recognition.

In case of a non-regulated occupation, it is the employer who needs to recognize the foreign credentials. In case of a regulated occupation, the territorial/provincial regulatory body is authorized to recognize foreign credentials.

Recognition of foreign credentials of immigrants depends on the type of the occupation (regulated/non-regulated) for getting employment in Canada.

Non-regulated or regulated occupation—A non-regulated occupation does not require any license, certificate or registration for practice in Canada. The applicants only need to show to their potential employers of having training/experience for the job.

However, any employer may still require registration, licensing or certification with the concerned professional association.

A regulated occupation is controlled by the territorial/provincial(or federal law) and governed by a professional/regulatory body. So, requirements are set by them only.

Recognition of foreign credentials in case of a regulated occupation—Assessment as well as recognition of foreign credentials in case of a regulated occupation is undertaken by the territorial or provincial regulatory body(or professional association) subject to federal rules.

To know about getting your foreign credentials recognized in Canada, you must—

• Get in touch with the professional body/association governing your chosen occupation in your own nation to see whether there exist any links with such associations in Canada. You can consult National Occupation Classification at any Canadian diplomatic mission for further details.

• Know the details of the professional regulatory body of the territory/province where you will settle in Canada.

• Simply ask in writing the regulatory association/body about various rules/costs for registration, licensing and certification along with the process for assessment.

• Once you know the various requirements, you should keep various documents ready.

Requirements for translation of qualifications—If there is a requirement of getting your qualifications translated into French or English, you can get the information from the regulatory body or the evaluation service body.

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