Reasons behind Democrats being pro-immigration

Democrats have always expressed that they are open to people coming to US from various cultures and countries. They have always vouched for ligating the so called “broken immigration system”.

The aim of Democrats
• They expect the federal Government to maintain security at the borders and they have ensured that the inflow of illegal immigrants coming to US or even going out of the country.
• They have taken measures to discourage the employers who hire illegal immigrants in the greed of paying them low wages.
• They want the illegal entities in the country to get amalgamated with the country by being a part of tax machinery, by learning the Official language of the country and by adopting other means that would make them one of the Americans.

Efforts taken by Democrats to encourage immigration
• Democrats are likely to place a reform bill that has been airing for quite some time now. The petitioned would be filed on HR 15. The bill is aimed at securing the porous borders of the country. At the same time undocumented immigrants would be made to get through the path and process of citizenship.

They introduced programs like OBAMACARE and DREAM ACT to protect the rights of those undocumented immigrants who were brought here illegally, when they were children. The Administration believes that they should not be punished for the fault they did not make.

In support of the bill
Democrats say that the bill that would be introduced would enhance the economy. They opine that the bill would be a measure to open more jobs and create vacancies for Americans because the entry of illegal immigrants would be controlled.

Reasons for supporting immigration
• Democrats believe that these immigrants can strengthen the economy of the country if they are trained and made integrate with the culture of US.
• They could be made to pick up a job that an American would refuse to take up.
• When it comes to paying taxes, these immigrants, even the illegal ones are reported to be paying so. A Senior Analyst from Reason Foundation says that almost 8 million illegal immigrants paid taxes in 2006 which is about 70% of the taxes paid. It is adding to the revenue of the country.
• Immigrants want to be in the country to work and integrate, so they would dare not indulge into any kind of crime.
• Immigrants are better controlled by the employers in the country and hence the economic growth can be enhanced.
• Experts believe that immigration is a natural right and hence an individual should not be barred from the same.

Democrats are pro-immigration has been proven time and again. There have been various programs for the immigrants and the illegal ones too, for making them an integral part of the country. They have been offered jobs and various other facilities to ensure that they gain a legal status and those who are here legally are also helped in getting adopted with American culture.