Reapplying for Canada immigration after 2 year ban

As per Section 40 of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, any foreign national or any permanent resident is not admissible to Canada either indirectly or directly not disclosing any true facts or withholding any material facts with regard to any relevant matter that could lead to any error in Canada immigration laws’ adminstration.

Canada immigration misrepresentation leads to a two year ban from immigration into Canada. And consequences for this are going to be quite severe.

What is misrepresenation?--Misrepresentation is considered to be a serious matter for Canada immigration law. Misrepresentation does not just include ‘telling a lie’. In fact, it could mean anything that occurs by mistake or where any individual does not provide information about a material fact to any immigration official even if any query is not asked directly.

Canada immigration misrepresentations—It is a two year ban from coming into Canada. A number of important things need to be noted with regard to this—

• It is vital to note that the ruling against misrepresentation applies to foreign nationals as well as Canada permanent residents.

Any Canada permanent resident is liable to be removed from Canada or is going to lose their immigration status if they are found to make a misrepresentation.

• If someone who offers sponsorship makes any misrepresentation, then the applicant will be inadmissible. However, it is mandatory that you review whatever your sponsor is giving in writing in your forms.

• If you hire any fake immigration consultant or immigration lawyer that lies on the forms, you are not allowed to use your representative as an excuse since the punishment is going to be given to you.

Authorisation to return to Canada following ban due to misrepresentation—An Authorization to Return to Canada(ARC) is needed for those wanting to return to Canada following a ban due to misrepresentation.

Before making an application—It is necessary to consider the reason why you were given an enforcement order. If you are making an application for Canada immigration for working/immigration/studying or visiting, then no need to submission of any seperate application for an ARC. Your ARC is going to be dealt within the application’s context(subject to application’s approval).

Important facts—Following are to be considered while your application gets assessed—

• Reasons behind your removal order

• Probability of repeating the act that led to deportation order

• Length of time when the order was issued

• Current situation of applican

t • And reason for wanting to get an entry into Canada.